Miss Meg Female First Sessions


The Female First Sessions (FFS) is an initiative curated by Megane Quashie aka Megatronic. FFS was created with the purpose of celebrating the diversity of females within the Middle East.

By empowering women to have a voice, these monthly sessions will feature interviews by industry leaders, performances by female musicians and DJs. Megane Quashie is a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ.  Megane launched FFS in Dubai at the beginning of 2018. 

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Sophie Le Ray

Sophie Le Ray is an entrepreneur, an author and an experienced business facilitator. In 2002, she co-founded Naseba, a business facilitation company specialising in emerging markets. She was appointed CEO in 2009 and is responsible for overseeing the operations of the company across its offices in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, the US and Europe. Sophie has over twenty years of experience in producing and organising business platforms and has been based in the Middle East for over a decade. She began a career in public relations before finding her niche in B2B conference production. She is the founder and spokesperson of the Global WIL Economic Forum, a platform that promotes womenʼs economic empowerment and celebrates diversity and inclusion worldwide.

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Enji Kiwan

Enjy Kiwan has always been passionate about being a presenter. Her real aspiration lies in taking her audience on a journey to discover the true heritage and legacy of a brand, and share in their success and achievements. Before following her dreams, Enjy worked in the banking Industry for almost ten years as an investment analyst, financial editor, panel moderator, and event organizer. She worked in esteemed companies such as NBAD, Thomson Reuters and Menacorp. Enjy is based in Dubai where she was born and raised and is a mother of two boys. These aspects have quickly caught the attention of the biggest names in the fashion industry such as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Roberto Cavalli and Mercedes-Benz.

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Nour Zaghoul

Hailing from Holland, Nour arrived in Dubai over seven years ago upon finishing her Masters Degree in Engineering. With over five years experience in large scale events, her technical background is matched by her creative flair. As a result, much of Nour's work has been integral to molding the cultural landscape of Dubai through events and activations. A passion for transforming spaces into community hubs, she is one of the founding members of FFS, helping to seamlessly unite the many moving parts. Nour likes long walks on the beach with her dog (son) Chino, fitness, traveling, and twerking her way through life.

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Natalie Lines is a the co-founder and creative director at Slate Agency, the official partner of FFS. Her illustrations have been recognised and used in top fashion magazines all over the world. Working with brands, magazines and personal clients Natalie has turned her passion into a career. Her love of fashion has also lead her to become a brand ambassador and influencer. Within the fashion community, she works with companies to help promote their newest products and items, coming from a unique position to also incorporate illustration. 

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The official DJ for each of Female First Sessions, Patchoulee's love for music is rooted in the 80s when her brother was DJing at old skool house parties playing disco, soul, funk and jazz; She soon became addicted to collecting vinyl, this was fuelled by the job she landed working for Wiiija Records at Rough Trade in London. It was here that she got her lucky break DJing for The Beastie Boys during their Ill Communication tour in between sets-her name was thrown up on the posters and her DJ career was unknowingly launched. Recently selected as one of the Top 10 DJs in Dubai by The Hype Magazine, Patchoulee's reputation is as solid as her sets.

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Mad minds, creative juices. Nicole Mahakian and Aisha Abdullah are two home-grown entrepreneurs driven by all things creative. Mad Juice is a creative agency founded in 2018 as a product of their vision, creativity and movement.  Some of Mad Juice’s offerings are videography, photography, illustration and concept creation. The company prides itself on being a collaborative hub where the worlds of music, fashion, arts and anything creative can be fused together.  Mad Juice is a young, vibrant and unique creative team working the change in Dubai, servicing the new generation.

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Liz Wentling is the co-founder of Slate Agency, a social media and creative content agency based in Dubai. As an official partner and co-founder of Female First Sessions, Liz is also part of the monthly line up of DJs who spin the event's official after party. Originally from California, her four years in Dubai have lead to meeting and collaborating with incredible women from all over the world right here in the UAE. With an equal love for both music and creative events, her work is focused on the inclusion and intersectionality of women in technology.