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FFs X Re-urban studio: Workshops & discussions panels
to Jun 19

FFs X Re-urban studio: Workshops & discussions panels

Female first sessions has teamed with Re:urban studios to curate a series of workshops and panel discussions for you. 

Re-Urban culture upholds a high sense of creative integrity, open communication, and transparency. All these elements work together to provide the right atmosphere that fills the gap between design as a degree and design as a profession. The studio believes in prioritizing local talent, positive impact, and contagious creative energy.

Over the 3 days, we will be holding workshops, teaching new skills and having in depth panel discussions for our audience to learn from.

June 17, 10.00 am  - 3pm 

FFs Panel - 2pm - 3pm 

Workshop: Do it Yourself: Creating Authentic Leather Clutch

Discussions: Making style a business

Panel guests: 

Azra Khamissa - Chiropractor | Bag Designer| Henna Artist

Engy Mahdy - Fashion Designer | Artist | Illustrator 


June 18, 12.00 pm  - 3.30 pm 

FFs Panel - 2.30pm - 3.30pm 

Workshop: Express Yourself: Paint a Unique Piece   

Discussions: "Expressions is a full time job"

Panel Guests

Aisha Almohtadi & Nicole Mahakian - Mad Juice - Video creators

Mouza Al Hamrani - Illustrator & Multimedia designer


June 19, 12.00 pm  - 3.00 pm 

FFs Panel - 2pm - 3pm 

Workshop: Unwind Yourself: Therapeutic Impasto Painting  

Discussions: "Raising to the top"

Panel Guests

Sanaz Askari - Founder of The Mine

Ayla Bajwa - Founder of AmpUZ

This event will be taking place at Re:urban studios, which is situated in 107B, Building 7, Dubai Design District (d3).

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